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LamarckismLamarckisme (fr.); Lamarckismus (ger.)

  • A doctrine according to which properties that organisms acquire during their individual lifetime are being passed on to their progeny (“inheritance of acquired characteristics”). (HWB 2011)  
    Lamarckism looks very well on paper, but, as Prof. Semper’s book shows, when put to the test of observation and experiment it collapses absolutely.
    Lankester, E.R. (1884). Athenæum Nr. 2944: 412.

    Lamarckism Inheritance of acquired characters; the theory that changes in use and disuse of an organ result in changes in size and functional capacity and that these modified characters acquired by organisms in response to environmental factors are transmitted to the offspring; theory of use and disuse.

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    Der Lamarckismus ist die Lehre, nach der die Eigenschaften, die ein Organismus im Laufe seines Lebens erworben hat, an seine Nachkommen vererbt werden können (»Vererbung erworbener Eigenschaften«).

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