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syngameonSyngameon (ger.)

  • A cluster of species and subspecies between the members of which natural hybridization occurs. (OED 1986)

    The species concept remains an abstraction; Nature consists of individuals; similar individuals form syngameons, and these have been mistaken for species. As the gamete takes precedence over the individual, the course of evolution should be traced by the genealogy of the gametes.

    Lotsy, J.P. (1922). Factors of evolution. Report of the British Association for the Advancement of Sciece 1921: 453.

    we have in Betula one very large pairing-community, one syngameon
    Lotsy, J.P. (1925). Species or Linneon? Genetica 7, 487-506: 496.

    Syngameon [...] a hybridising group of species; the most inclusive interbreeding population

    Grant, V. (1957). The plant species in theory and practice. In: Mayr, E. (ed.). The Species Problem. Amer. Assoc. Adv. Sci. Publ. 50, 39-80: 67.


    syngameon A group of sympatric or at least marginally sympatric semispecies q.v.

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