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saltationismSaltationismus (ger.)

  • The theory that new species arise suddenly as a result of major mutations. (OED 2011)

    the mutationism of De Vries and Bateson, no matter how wrong it was, was in a way a wholesome reaction against Lamarckism. At that period it seemed somehow impossible to find an interpretation that avoided the opposing evils of Lamarckism and saltationism.

    Mayr, E. (1960). The emergence of evolutionary novelties. In: Evolution and the Diversity of Life, Cambridge, Mass. 1976, 88-113: 89 (Original in Tax, S. (ed.). The Evolution of Life, vol. 1: 350).

    arguments for saltationism are not only based upon negative evidence, but may prove untenable when positive evidence becomes available
    Ghiselin, M.T. (1966). The adaptive significance of gastropod torsion. Evolution 20, 337-348: 346.