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primary productionPrimärproduktion (ger.)

  • The production of organic substance at the primary organic level, i.e. the level of autotrophic plants and microorganisms.  
    ecological role
    primary production of organic substance by the utilization of the energy of sunlight
    Allen, E.J. (1922). The progression of life in the sea. Amer. Nat. 56, 481-503: 500.
    primary production [...:] the total quantity of organic matter newly formed in the process of photosynthesis
    Windberg, G.G. & Iarovitzina, L.I. (1939). [Daily changes in the quantity of dissolved oxygen as a method of measuring the primary production]. Proc. Kossino Limnol. Sta. 22, 128-143 (russ. with engl. summary).