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intrasexual selectionintrasexuelle Selektion (ger.)

  • Selection for the ability to maximize the own mating success at the expense of other individuals of the same sex, e.g. by acquiring and maintaining a breeding territory.

    The term sexual selection as used by Darwin should be replaced by two terms—epigamic selection and intra-sexual selection. The latter will apply to all selection involving competition between individuals of one sex in the struggle for reproduction […]. In cases of intra-sexual selection (and intra-specific selection in general) we must distinguish between the component of general advantage and the component of (purely) individual advantage

    Huxley, J.S. (1938). Darwin’s theory of sexual selection and the data subsumed by it, in the light of recent research. Amer. Nat. 72, 416-433: 431.

    intrasexual selection
    Bateman, A.J. (1948). Intrasexual selection in Drosophila. Heredity 2, 349-368.