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sociobiologySoziobiologie (ger.)

  • 1) The study of the interaction of biological and social factors in any sphere of human life. (OED 2011)
    social behaviour
    socio-biologie [...] dire que la société est un ›animal‹
    Tourtoulon, P. de (1908). Les principes philosophiques de l’histoire du droit: 82.
    Anthropology is ›the socio-biology of man‹
    Rohrer, C.W.G. (1909). A Contribution to the Comparative Anatomy of the Prostate Gland: 5 (refers to Carrol D. Wright as originator of this exclamation).
    ›The heroic period of socio-biology‹ in jurisprudence has passed
    Pound, R. (1912). The scope and purpose of sociological jurisprudence. Harvard Law Review 25, 489-514: 503 (refering to Tourtoulon).

    socio-biology of man

    Ashley-Montagu, M.F. (1940). The socio-biology of man. Sci. Month. 50, 483-490.

  • 2) The study of the social behaviour of animals, esp. as a means to understanding the biological basis of human social behaviour; (in later use) spec. the explanation of social behaviour in terms of theories of evolutionary and ecological adaptation. (OED 2011)
    social behaviour
    The zoologists and psychologists who work with animals can do their part to help extend these generalizations by working toward the development of comparative sociology, or perhaps it may be called psychobiology or sociobiology
    Scott, J.P. (1946). Minutes Conf. Genetics & Social Behaviour: 5 (acc. to OED 2011).
    sociobiology [...:] describing human-sociological phenomena in the terminology of biological (and physical) science
    Hockett, C.F. (1948). Biophysics, linguistics, and the unity of science. Amer. Sci. 36, 558-572: 564.
    interdisciplinary science which lies between the fields of biology (particularly ecology and physiology) and psychology and sociology
    Scott, J.P. (1950). Foreword. Methodology and techniques for the study of animal societies. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences 51, 1003-1005: 1004.

    Sociobiology is defined as the systematic study of the biological basis of all social behavior.

    Wilson, E.O. (1975). Sociobiology: 4.

    Sooner or later, political science, law, economics, psychology, psychiatry and anthropology will all be branches of socio-biology
    Galvin, R. & Leo, J. (1977). Why you do what you do. Time 110 (August 1), 54-63: 54. 

    sociobiology Study of the biological basis of social behaviour.

    Lincoln, R.J., Boxshall, G.A. & Clark, P.F. (1982). A Dictionary of Ecology, Evolution and Systematics: 229.