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CormophytaCormophytae (lat.); Kormophyten (ger.)

  • Endlicher's name (Cormophyta, in Gen. Plant. 1836-40) for one of his two primary divisions of the Vegetable Kingdom, comprising all plants that have a proper stem or axis of growth, i.e. all phænogamous plants and the higher cryptogams (Acrogens). His other division Thallophyta was thus equal to Lindley's Thallogens (Algæ, Fungi, Lichens). (OED 2011)
    plant Thallophyta



    1. Protophyta.

    2. Hysterophyta.


    3. Acrobrya.

    ... 1. Anophyta.

    ... 2. Protophyta.

    ... 3. Hysterophyta.

    4. Amphibrya.

    5. Acramphibrya.

    ... 1. Gyranosperma.

    ... 2. Apetala.

    ... 3. Gamopetala.

    ... 4. Dialypetala.

    Endlicher, S. (1836-41). Genera plantarum secundum ordines naturales disposita: 1.


    Such cellular plants have received the name of Thallogens or Thallophytes; while those producing stems composed of both vessels and cells are sometimes called Cormogens or Cormophytes.

    Balfour, J.H. (1852). Class Book of Botany, vol I: 69.