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animal ethicsTierethik (ger.)

  • 1) The benevolent relation of animals towards each other.
    Animal Ethics. Instincts of the missel thrush
    Anonymus (1829). Animal ethics. Instincts of the missel thrush. The Athenaeum and Literary Chronicle 1 (Nr. 73), 174.
    Animal-Ethics [...] there is a conduct proper to each species of animal, which is the relativeley good conduct – a conduct which stands toward that species as the conduct we morally approve stands toward the human species
    Spencer, H. (1890). On justice. Popular Science Monthly 37, 19-32: 19.
  • 2) The human moral attitude of respect for animals.
    [Audubon] wished to draw and describe the bird [a Mississippi Kite] for the benefit of science; and thus his love of knowledge rose higher than his love of charity [and he shot two birds]. The poor birds became martyrs to science. It is a question of animal ethics
    Harbaugh, H. (1854). The birds of the bible, no. xx. The kite. The Guardian 5, 262-264: 264.
    Bregenzer, I. (1894). Thier-Ethik: Darstellung der sittlichen und rechtlichen Beziehungen zwischen Mensch und Thier.