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animal humanityanimale Humanität (ger.)

  • 1) The quality of humans behaving like animals.
    this noble-hearted woman […] was as imperfect a specimen of animal humanity as her kinsman was of spiritual
    Hunt, L. (1834). The Indicator, and the Companion; a Miscellany for the Fields and the Fire-Side, vol. 2: 150.
  • 2) The quality of animals acting like humans.
    Animal humanity. It is extremely curious to observe in animals ways and doings like those of human beings
    Chambers, R. (1846). Animal humanity. Chambers’s Journal 5, 177-180: 177; cf. Essays Philosophical, Sentimental, and Historical Sketches, vol. 4 (1847): 256.
    [Monboddo] recognized that membership of the taxon we now call Homo sapiens does not automatically confer qualities of personhood. This conclusion immediately opens up a field of inquiry of potentially inexhaustible scope, into the personhood of non-human animals or, if you will, into animal humanity rather than human animality
    Ingold, T. (1994). Humanity and animality. In: Ingold, T. (ed.). Companion Encyclopedia of Anthropology. Humanity, Culture and Social Life, 14-32: 24.