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cultural inheritance systemkulturelles Vererbungssystem (ger.)

  • An inheritance system of behavioral units that spread across a generation based on a non-genetic, intragenerational selection. (HWB 2011)   Ein Vererbungssystem für Verhaltenseinheiten, die sich innerhalb einer Generation aufgrund einer nicht-genetischen intragenerationellen Selektion ausbreiten. (HWB 2011)

    From an evolutionary point of view, the mechanism of acquisition is irrelevant. It could be the development of a cultural inheritance system, by direct genetic coding of all details, by the coding of a teaching process within the society, or by developing a high intelligence or learning rate and capacity.

    McBride, G. (1971). The nature-nurture problem in social evolution. In: Eisenberg, J.F. & Dillon, W.S. (eds.). Man and Beast: Comparative Social Behavior, 35-56: 53.


    With the addition of a cultural inheritance system, the level at which selection works must also be reexamined. With the phyletic rule relaxed, the transmission of culture is not an all-or-none phenomenon. Single ideas might be spread among people without being integrated into a whole set of behaviors, whose joint purpose is to produce a fit individual.

    Richerson, P.J. (1977). Ecology and human ecology: a comparison of theories in the biological and social sciences. Amer. Ethnolog. 4, 1-26: 13.