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fertility selectionFruchtbarkeitsauslese (ger.)

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    selection life selection
    Nicht auf Lebensauslese, sondern auf Fortpflanzungs- und Fruchtbarkeitsauslese setzt die Eugenik ihre Hoffnung
    Schallmayer, W. (1909). Die Politik der Fruchtbarkeitsbeschränkung. Zeitschrift für Politik 2, 391-439: 422; vgl. 427; 433.
    [im] biologischen Sinne [gibt es] nur eine Art von Auslese: die Fruchtbarkeits-Auslese
    Siemens, H.W. (1917/23). Grundzüge der Rassenhygiene, zugleich Einführung in die Vererbungslehre: 55.
    In a biological sense there is […] only one kind of selection, namely, fertility-selection
    Siemens, H.W. (1917/23). Grundzüge der Rassenhygiene, zugleich Einführung in die Vererbungslehre (engl. Race Hygiene and Heredity, transl. by L.F. Barker, New York 1924): 86.

    With positive fertility selection the deviation is of great significance, but with partial negative selection the deviation is slight and with total negative selection the formulae give the same result. We have spoken of “lethal” selection and “fertility” selection. The difference is of course that in the latter case the partner who is married to a character-bearer is also affected by the selection. In the former case the character-bearer dies.

    Dahlberg, G. (1947). Mathematical Methods for Population Genetics: 46.


    no viability or fertility selection differences exist among the types

    Karlin, S. (1968). Equilibrium behaviour of population genetic models with non-random mating. Part II: Pedigrees, Homozygosity and stochastic models. J. appl. Probab. 5, 487-566: 528.