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homoeosisHomöose (ger.)

  • The replacement in a metamerically segmented animal, esp. in the course of regeneration, of a structure forming part of one segment by a structure characteristic of another segment; also used of an analogous process in plants (e.g. the replacement of stamens by petals). (OED 2011)
    For the word ‘Metamorphy’ I therefore propose to substitute the term Homœosis, which is also more correct; for the essential phenomenon is not that there has merely been a change, but that something has been changed into the likeness of something else
    Bateson, W. (1894). Materials for the Study of Variation Treated with Especial Regard to Discontinuity in the Origin of Species: 85.

    homoeosis The modification of one segmental appendage or structure to resemble a different appendage or structure of the same homologous series.

    Lincoln, R.J., Boxshall, G.A. & Clark, P.F. (1982). A Dictionary of Ecology, Evolution and Systematics: 116.