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defenceVerteidigung (ger.)

  • The action of guarding or protecting from attack.
    c. -350 (BC)

    σα δκαπρς βοή θειάντε καπρς λκήν, τμν χαυλιό δοντας χει, καθάπερς, τδ’ξες καὶ ἐπαλλάττον τας, θεν καρχαρό δοντα καλεται. [Of those animals whose teeth serve also as a defence and as weapons, some (like the Swine) have tusks, some have sharp interlocking teeth, and are called “saw-toothed” as a result.]

    Aristotle (c. 350 BC). De partibus animalium 631b17-20 (Engl. transl. A.L. Peck).


    The other Creature [besides the hedgehog], which doth thus contract and draw up its self into a Globular or Oval Form for its defence, is the second sort of Tatou or Armadillo

    Ray, J. (1692). The Wisdom of God Manifested in the Works of the Creation, vol. 2: 111.

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