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genetic diversitygenetische Diversität (ger.)

  • Diversity of a populations genetic units (e.g. local alleles). (HWB)
    Even in a closely bred strain of cattle, though all may agree in their "points" there may still be great genetic diversity in powers of assimilation and rapidity of attaining maturity,  by which irregularities by no means negligible are introduced.
    Bateson, W. (1911). Genetics. Popular Science Monthly 79, 313-327: 326.

    the enormous genetic diversity existing not only within a single species but within a given population of a species inhabiting a restricted and continuous area

    Agar, W.E. (1914). Experiments on inheritance in parthenogenesis. Philos. Trans. Roy. Soc. London B 205, 421-489: 442.