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geneticsgénétique (fr.); Genetik (ger.)

  • The scientific study of inherited variation in living organisms, and of the cellular and molecular processes responsible for this; the branch of biology concerned with this. Also (with sing. or pl. concord): genetic characteristics or features (of an organism, species, disease, process, etc.). (OED 2011)

    The best title would, I think, be ‘The Quick Professorship of the study of Heredity’. No single word in common use quite gives this meaning […], and if it were desirable to coin one, ‘Genetics’ might do.

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    The progress of genetics since the rediscovery of Mendel’s papers

    Bateson, W. (1906). The progress of genetics since the rediscovery of Mendel’s papers. Progr. Rei Bot. 1, 368-418.


    Mr. Bateson suggests the adoption of the term “genetics” to indicate the nature of our researches into the phenomena of heredity and variation, in other words the physiology of descent.

    Bateson, W. (1906). [Suggestion]. In: International Conference on Hybridisation and Plant-Breeding. Nature 74, 371-372: 371.


    the physiology of heredity and variation is a definite branch of science, and if we knew nothing of evolution that science would still exist. To avoid further periphrasis, then, let us say genetics.

    Bateson, W. (1906). A text book of genetics [Rev. Lotsy, J.P. (1906). Vorlesungen über Deszendenztheorien mit besonderer Berücksichtigung der Botanischen Seite der Frage gehalten an der Reichsuniversität zu Leiden]. Nature 74, 146-147: 146.


    genetics The science of heredity and variation.

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    wenn die systembiologischen Zeichen der Zeit nicht trügen, könnte sich die Genetik [...] – als separate Disziplin – in den Lebenswissenschaften der Zukunft wieder auflösen
    Rheinberger, H.-J. & Müller-Wille, S. (2009). Vererbung. Geschichte und Kultur eines biologischen Konzepts: 278.

    Die Genetik ist die biologische Teildisziplin, in der Prozesse der Vererbung untersucht werden.

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