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neurophysiologyNeurophysiologie (ger.)

  • The physiology of the nervous system; the branch of science dealing with this. (OED)
    [Wir] lassen die bisherigen Erklärungen sogenannter rein dynamischer Erkrankungen so lange geltend stehen, bis die neuere Neuro-Physiologie die auf materiellem Wege nicht zu erfassenden dynamischen Erscheinungen ins hellere Licht wird gesetzt haben
    Moos, I.M. (1841). Geschichte eines pleuritischen Exsudates, bei welchem die Paracentesis mittelst des Troicars verrichtet wurde, nebst Würdigung der Percussion und Auscultation in Bezug auf Diagnose und Therapie. Medicinische Jahrbücher des kaiserl.-königl. österreichischen Staates 26, 154-172: 168.

    After an exordium, in which the author refers to the rapid progress which neuro-physiology is making in comparison with its “sister” science, neuro-pathology, he proceeds to lay down, first, the laws of nervous irradiation, or the transmission, by the medium of the cerebrospinal axis, of any irritation of one nerve to another homologous nerve—as of a motor to a motor nerve: and, then, the laws of nervous reflex, or the transmission by the same circuit, namely, the cerebrospinal axis, of any such irritation of a nerve to other but heterologous nerves—as from a motor to sensitive or trophical nerves.   

    Anonymus (1842). [Rev. Canstatt, C. (1841). Die specielle Pathologie und Therapie vom klinischen Standpuncte aus bearbeitet]. The British and Foreign Medical Review or Quarterly Journal of Practical Medicine and Surgery 13, 327-347: 343.


    the author occupies himself with attempts at illustrating the distinctions between the nervous and sensorial powers; the various species of nervous influence, &c. […] This part of the work consists of a mysteriously and laboriously worded statement of facts and doctrines in neuro-physiology   

    Anonymus (1843). [Rev. Philip, A.P.W. (1842). A Treatise on Protracted Indigestion, and its Consequences]. The British and Foreign Medical Review or Quarterly Journal of Practical Medicine and Surgery 15, 524-526: 525.

    Das andere neurophysiologische Gesetz [...] bewährte sich hier ebenfalls
    Romberg, M.H. (1851). Lehrbuch der Nervenkrankheiten des Menschen, vol. 1: 53.
    Another law, regulating neurophysiology, the law of isolated conduction, was equally useful in this case, in pointing to the diagnosis of the seat of the injury.
    Romberg, M.H. (1853). A Manual of the Nervous Diseases of Man, vol. 1: 45.
    the truths inductively reached will, when possible, be elucidated deductively, by affiliating them on the truths of Neuro-physiology and Aestho-physiology
    Spencer, H. (1872). Principles of Psychology, 2 vols.: I, 142.