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nomogenesisNomogenese (ger.)

  • A theory which regards evolutionary change as resulting from laws inherent in the nature of living organisms, rather than from external factors. (OED 2012)
    Berg, L. (1922). Nomogenez, ili Evoljucija na osnove zakonomernostej.

    the evolution of organisms is the result of certain processes inherent in them, which are based upon law. Evolution is Nomogenesis, development in accordance with definite laws, and not, as was believed by Darwin, development due to chance. In this process the struggle for existence and natural selection possess but secondary importance, and progress in organisation in no degree depends on the struggle for existence.

    Berg, L. (1926). Nomogenesis or Evolution Determined by Law (transl. by J.N. Rostovtsow): xi. 


    Nomogenesis 1: The concept that life arose as a result of natural rather than supernatural processes; abiogenesis. 2: The concept that external environmental factors can produce heritable adaptations in all individuals of the same species experiencing these factors.

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