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fossil linksfossile Bindeglieder (ger.)

  • Fossils that are intermediate in their morphology between nowadays well sperated taxonomic groups.

    [The naturalist] may restore the chain of that astonishing variety of creatures by means of fossil links, and humbly lift the veil from those great and harmonious laws which we see pervading the universe with every step that we advance in the knowledge of the animal and vegetable world. 

    Diefenbach, E. (1844). The Study of Ethnology. The London polytechnic Magazine, and Journal of Science, Literature, and the Fine Arts 1844 (Jan.-Jun.), 149-155: 150.

    We shall, perhaps, best perceive the improbability of our being enabled to connect species by numerous, fine, intermediate, fossil links, by asking ourselves whether, for instance, geologists, at some future period will be able to prove, that our different breeds of cattle, sheep, horses, and dogs have descended from a single stock or from several aboriginal stocks; 

    Darwin, C. (1859/72). On the Origin of Species: 247.