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functional anatomyFunktionsanatomie (ger.)

  • The study of structural arrangements with respect to their special functions.  
    the functional anatomy of the human body
    Anonymus (1836). On the functional anatomy of the human body. The Magazine of Health 1; cf. The Literary Gazette 20 (1836), 126; The Lady’s Magazine And Museum 8 (1836), 279-280: 280.

    Anatomy may be taught in several different modes, each of which has its peculiar advantages. As subservient to physiology, the structure and arrangement of the organs composing the nutritive system will naturally be first investigated; and then that of the nervous centres and the other parts of the system of animal life. This constitutes physiological or functional anatomy

    Anonymus (1840). [Rev. Dubois, E.F. (1838). Traité des études méedicales; Jones, R. (1839). Observations on Medical Education]. The British and Foreign Medical Review 10, 175-203: 180.


    functional anatomy of the uterus

    Gardner, A.K. (1856). The Causes and Curative Treatment of Sterility. With a Preliminary Statement of the Physiology of Generation: 25.


    Having thus briefly glanced at the descriptive anatomy of the bone, we will now consider its structure in relation to its uses—in other words, its mechanical or functional anatomy

    Hancock, H. (1873). On the Operative Surgery of the Foot and Ankle-Joint: 18.


    In our survey of what may be termed the functional anatomy of the brain—the consideration of the structural arrangements that subserve special functions—we may pass next to the parts concerned in voluntary motion.

    Gowers, W.R. (1885). Lectures of the Diagnosis of Diseases of the Brain: 10; id. (1885). Diagnosis of the Brain and of the Spinal Cors: 9.


    functionelle Anatomie

    Gowers, W.R. (1886). Vorlesungen über die Diagnostik der Gehirnkrankheiten, transl. by J. Mommsen: 12.


    Die wichtigsten Thatsachen über den Aufbau des Gehirns, über die Faserbezirke desselben werden ihrer Bedeutung nach und detaillirt gewürdigt und so als „functionelle Anatomie“ vorangeschickt

    Fritsch, J. (1887). [Rev. Gowers, W.R. (1886). Diagnostik der Gehirnkrankheiten]. Jahrbücher für Psychiatrie 7, 217-219: 217.