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science of homologyscience des homologies (fr.); Homologienwissenschaft (ger.)

  • That branch of biology or comparative anatomy which deals with homologies.  

    Les rapports évidemment d’un ordre différent, qu’apportent à l’esprit de telles recherches, deviennent à leur tour le sujet d’une autre manière de voir, de la science des Homologies.

    Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire, É. (1824). Composition de la tête osseuse de l’homme et des animaux. Ann. Sci. Nat. 3, 173-192; 245-299: 174.


    The importance of the science of Homology rests in its giving us the key-note of the possible amount of difference in plan within any group; it allows us to class under proper heads the most diversified organs; it shows us gradations which would otherwise have been overlooked, and thus aids us in our classification; it explains many monstrosities; it leads to the detection of obscure and hidden parts, or mere vestiges of parts, and shows us the meaning of rudiments.

    Darwin, C. (1862). On the Various Contrivances by which British and Foreign Orchids are Fertilised by Insects, and on the Good Effects of Intercrossing: 287.