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cell cycleZellzyklus (ger.)

  • 1) The cyclic changes (actual or supposed) between certain types of cell form (obs. rare). (OED 2012)

    The only fixed units are, 1° cells; 2° the whole series of generations of cells from a single ovum,—a cell-cycle

    Anonymus (1884). [Rev.: Minot, C.S. (1884). Biological problems. American Association for the Advancement of Science, Proceedings of the Section of Biology]. Science 4, 339-342: 339.


    Cell-cycle,—of encysted, ciliated, and amoeboid phases

    Geddes, P. & Thomson, J.A. (1890). The Evolution of Sex: 121.

  • 2) The sequence of events by which a eukaryotic cell replicates itself and divides in two. (OED 2012)

    I have never observed in Crepidula a rotation of the nuclei, independent of the spindles, at so late a stage in the cell cycle.

    Conklin, E.G. (1901). The individuality of the germ nuclei during the cleavage of the egg of Crepidula. Biol. Bull. 2, 257-265: 263.


    the longitudinal split of the thread which takes place in the spirem stage only becomes completed and effective during the second maiotic (homotype) division. Consequently these two divisions with their respective prophases form a stage in the cell cycle of plants and animals which differs entirely from the divisional sequence before and after it.

    Moore, J.E.S. & Embleton, A.L. (1906). On the synapsis in amphibian. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London, Ser. B 77, 555-562: 555-6.


    it was shown by Rabl and Boveri that there is a continuity (or persistent individuality) of the chromosomes from one cell cycle to the next.

    Conklin, E.G. (1908). The mechanism of heredity. Science 27, 89-99: 95


    the duration of the cell cycle is provisionally taken to be 30 hours

    Howard, A. & Pelc, S.R. (1953). Synthesis of deoxyribonucleic acid in normal and irradiated cells and its relation to chromosome breakage. Heredity 6 (suppl.), 261-273: 263.