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animal rationabileanimal rationabile (lat.)

  • Man as an animal possessing the faculty of reason.
    c. 400
    Daemon est animal rationabile

    Chalcidius, Commentarius in Timaeum (Plato Latinus, vol. IV, ed. J.H. Waszink, London 1962): 175 (nr. 135).

    c. 400
    omnem hominem esse animal rationabile
    Themistios (4th century). Paraphrasis in Aristotelis Posteriora (Venice 1542): 25 (Liber I, Caput XL).
    c. 600
    animale rationabile
    Cassiodor, F.M.A. (6. Jh.). Opera omnia, vol. 2 (Rouen 1679): 579.
    Cum animal rationabile mortale de sensibilibus etia̅ hominibus dicatur
    Alexandri Aphrodisiei Commentaria in duodecim Aristotelis libros de prima philosophia (ed. J.G. de Sepulvéda, 1527): lib. I, 39.
    homo est animal rationabile
    Vives, J.L. (1531/36). De disciplinis libri xx in tres tomos: 564: cf. Alexander of Aphrodisias (3rd century). Commentaria in duodecim Aristotelis libros de prima philosophia, interprete Ioanne Genesio Sepulueda Cordubensi, ad Clementem VII. Pont. Max. (Rome 1527?): I, 39.
    if no signs of Rationality, no Acts of Reason seem to be exerted, as in Embryo’s it’s demonstratively plain, and in Infants, all their Operations at first are but meer Mechanism, what Grounds has any one to define such a Creature Animal Rationale. He may be indeed term’d Animal Rationabile, because by the Act of Generation, such a Body, or Compositum seems to be produce’d, which in process of time will become Rational, and exert all or most Acts of Reason
    Coward, W. (1702). Second Thoughts Concerning Human Soul: 177 (2nd ed. 1704: 153).

    [Vom Menschen gilt,] daß er einen Charakter hat, den er sich selbst schafft, indem er vermögend ist, sich nach seinen von ihm selbst genommenen Zwecken zu perfectioniren; wodurch er als mit Vernunftfähigkeit begabtes Thier (animal rationabile) aus sich selbst ein vernünftiges Thier (animal rationale) machen kann

    Kant, I. (1798). Anthropologie in pragmatischer Hinsicht (AA, vol. 7, 117-333): 321.