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fundamental nicheFundamentalnische (ger.)

  • The potential niche occupied by a viable population of a species in the absence of competition from other species. (Oxford Dict. of Ecology 2004)
    niche realized niche

    an n-dimensional hypervolume is defined, every point in which corresponds to a state of the environment which would permit the species S1 to exist indefinitely. For any species S1, this hypervolume N1 will be called the fundamental niche of S1. […] This term is due to MacArthur.

    Hutchinson, G.E. (1958). Concluding remarks. Cold Spring Harb. Symp. Quant. Biol. 22, 415-427: 416.


    fundamental niche The entire multidimensional space that represents the total range of conditions within which an organism can function and which it could occupy in the absence of competitors or other interacting species; ecospace; preinteractive niche; prospective ecospace; cf. realized niche. 

    Lincoln, R.J., Boxshall, G.A. & Clark, P.F. (1982). A Dictionary of Ecology, Evolution and Systematics: 97.