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gamogenesisGamogenesis (ger.)

  • Generation by the conjunction of structures from different individuals, being sexual reproduction (Syd. Soc. Lex.). (OED)

    If we inquire how this process [sc. agamogenesis] differs from multiplication by true ova, or ‘gamogenesis’, we find that the young ovum in the ovarium is also, to all intents and purposes, a bud.

    [Huxley, T.H.] (1858). Proceedings of the Royal Institution of Great Britain. Ann. & Mag. Nat. Hist. 3rd ser., 213-33: 215 (according to OED 2013).


    The chances of early colonization are immensely in favour of species, which, multiplying by agamogenesis, can people a whole shore from a single germ; and immensely against species, which, multiplying only by gamogenesis, must be introduced in considerable numbers that some may survive, meet, and propagate.

    Spencer, H. (1864). Illustrations of Universal Progress. A Series of Discussions: 370 (according to OED 1989).


    When, therefore, we see that gamogenesis recurs only when growth is decreasing, or has come to an end, we must say that it recurs only when the organic units are approximating to equilibrium - only when their mutual restraints prevent them from readily changing their arrangements in obedience to incident forces.

    Spencer, H. (1864). Principles of Biology, vol. 1: 275 (§75).