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intertaxaIntertaxa (ger.)

  • Taxonomic groups which result from the fusion of originally reproductively separated kin groups (genera, species, or varieties). (HWB 2011)  

    Hybrids are here defined as »intertaxa« that arise between genera, species and varieties.

    Wagner, W.H. Jr. (1983). Reticulistics: the recognition of hybrids and their role in cladistics and classification. In: Platnick, N.I. & Funk, V.A. (eds.). Advances in Cladistics, vol. 2, 63-79: 63.


    Probably most investigations of hybrid pteridophytes begin in the herbarium, where specimens showing interspecific intermediacy are encountered. We call such specimens "intertaxa" because they do not fit either presumed parent.

    Wagner, W.H. Jr., Wagner, F.S. & Taylor, W.C. (1986). Detecting abortive spores in herbarium specimens of sterile hybrids. Amer. Fern J. 76, 129-140: 129.