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Darwinian selectiondarwinsche Selektion (ger.)

  • selection

    Our fate is fore-cast, by Darwinian selection

    Anonymus (1870). The professoress’s prophecy. In: Punch 8, 192. 


    Or go back further, to Noah's youth, and ask, would Darwinian selection have let any of us moderns come into existence? I think it tolerably plain, according to the story, that it would not; that a "survival of the fittest" was then selecting, not our father Noah but races quite unlike him

    E.L.G. (1874). Explosion hypothesis and burglarous comets. English Mechanic and World of Science 19, 515. 


    Meikleham was handsome and a lord; Lizzy was pretty though a fisherman’s daughter: a sort of Darwinian selection had apparently found place between them

    Macdonald, G. (1875). Malcolm: 83. 

    Finality is found nowhere in creation; […] a progress from savage to civilised times is established, by a kind of Darwinian selection, even in dress
    Atkinson, B. (1880). The influence of art in daily life, v. dress. In: MacLeod, D. (ed.). Good Words for 1880, 777-784: 777.

    meine Schmetterlinge beweisen [...] die Ohnmacht der Naturzüchtung auf einem weiten Gebiete: ihre Artbildung geschieht augenscheinlich ohne jeden Einfluss der Darwin’schen natürlichen Zuchtwahl [Engl. trans.: influence of Darwinian selection]

    Eimer, G.H.T. (1895). Die Artbildung und Verwandtschaft bei den Schmetterlingen, vol. 2: v (Engl. transl. Minot, C.S., Lucas, F.A. & Farrand, L. (1896). [Rev. Eimer’s Evolution of Butterflies]. Science 3, 26-30: 27). 


    Differential mortality may result in systematic differential reproduction. When it does, it is one sort of selection, but clearly not the only sort. That the concepts are different and that Darwinian selection is only one special case of, let us say, genetical selection is quite easy to see. Suppose that all the individuals in a population lived for precisely the same length of time, with no elimination of the unfit or survival of the fittest, hence no Darwinian selection.

    Simpson, G.G. (1953). The Major Features of Evolution: 138.