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mental representationreprésentation mentale (fr.); mentale Repräsentation (ger.)

  • In theories of cognition and perception based on ‘direct realism’, a direct mapping of sensory stimuli in the brain. (Dictionary of Media and Communication 2012)
    Sans avoir l’idée d’une chose, c’est à dire, sans en avoir une représentation mentale, vous ne âuriez la concevoir, ni en parler, ni en disputer
    Olivet, P.J. de (1721). Entretiens de Ciceron sur la nature des dieux, Bd. 1: 61.
    Christ was at this time carried into the wilderness […] in a spiritual manner, in vision or mental representation, under a divine inspiration
    Anonymus (1762). [Rez. Farmer, H. (1761). An Enquiry into the Nature and Design of Christ’s Temptation in the Wilderness]. The Monthly Review 25, 130-141: 133f.
    L’idée est essentiellement une représentation mentale d’un objet
    Richard, C.-L. (1773). La nature en contraste avec la religion et la raison: 303.
    mental representation [...] mean[s] the effect which an external object produces on our mind, so that we become conscious of its existence
    Chrichton, A. (1798). An Inquiry into the Nature and Origin of Mental Derangement, 2 vols.: I, 293; vgl. 300.

    The mind can conceive a multitude of individual things as one assemblage or class; and general names do really suggest to us certain ideas or mental representations

    Mill, J.S. (1843). A System of Logic, vol. 2: 212 (IV, ii, §1); cf. id. (1865). An Examination of Sir William Hamilton’s Philosophy (Collected Works, vol. 9, 1979): 313 (ch. XVII).