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dendrogramDendrogramm (ger.)

  • A branched diagram representing the apparent similarity or relationship between taxa, esp. on the basis of their observed overall similarity rather than on their phylogeny. Also in extended senses. (OED 2011)

    Figure 8 […] is not a phylogenetic tree, because it is not based on any information on fossil forms which might be ancestral connections of the various branches. Such a diagrammatic illustration of degree of relationship based on degree of similarity (morphological and otherwise) may be called a dendrogram.

    Mayr, E., Linsley, E.G. & Usinger, R.L. (1953). Methods and Principles of Systematic Zoology: 58.


    Opinions or claims regarding dendrograms vary between two extremes: that they have nothing whatever to do with phylogeny or that they do faithfully represent phylogeny.

    Simpson, G.G. (1961). Principles of Animal Taxonomy: 62.