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ecological ethicsökologische Ethik (ger.)

  • ecological: Of, relating to, or involving the interrelationships between living organisms and their environment. Later also: environmental; of or relating to the natural environment. (OED)
    ecological ethics are also the ethics of Regional Planning
    Glikson, A. (1955). Regional Planning and Development: 28-9.

    The most basic of the major weaknesses in this work is hardly discernible except by a careful reading between the lines-Vogt's greater concern for the habitat than for the inhabitants. “It is better to let human beings die than to let the earth die, since more human beings can spring from the restored earth... The habitat is more important than the species that lives in it–a point that anthropocentric Homo finds hard to accept.” This stand on a profoundly difficult point in ecological ethics may be valid, but it would require a weighty tome indeed to debate the matter adequately

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    What Whittaker has done is to put forth some ecological ethics for our country, i.e., what should be the case for solutions to environmental problems

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    ökologische Ethik

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