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ecological inheritanceökologische Vererbung (ger.)

  • 1) Ecological heritage; the ecosystems we inherit from our ancestors.

    The ecological inheritance from the late glaciation and acid humus accumulation

    Crampton, C.B. (1911). The Vegetation of Caithness Considered in Relation to the Geology: 6.


    we who concern ourselves with wilderness preservation are compelled to [...] direct our efforts towad the perpetual—to project into the eternity of the future some of that precious unspoiled ecological inheritance that has come to us out of the eternity of the past.

    Zahniser, H. (1961). Wilderness forever. In: Brower, D. (ed.). Wilderness. America’s Living Heritage, 155-162: 155.

  • 2) The transmission of environmental factors from one generation to the next, e.g. by the inheritance of a selected or constructed habitat.

    an ecological inheritance is transmitted to successor organisms at time ti via the external environment (E). One component of this ecological inheritance is directed by the niche-constructing outputs of ancestral organisms at time t0

    Odling-Smee, F.J. (1988). Niche constructing phenotypes. In: Plotkin, H.C. (ed.). The Role of Behaviour in Evolution, 73-132: 80.