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heterosisHeterosis (ger.)

  • The tendency of cross-breeding to produce an animal or plant with a greater hardiness and capacity for growth than either of the parents; hybrid vigour. (OED 2012)

    I suggest that instead of the phrases, ‘stimulus of heterozygosis’, ‘heterozygotic stimulation’, ‘the stimulating effects of hybridity’, ‘stimulation due to differences in uniting gametes’, etc. […] the word ‘heterosis’ be adopted. The corresponding adjective ‘heterotic’ may also be useful in such expressions as ‘heterotic effects’.

    Shull, G.H. (1914). Duplicate genes for capsule-form in Bursa bursa-pastoris. Z. indukt. Abstammungs- Vererbungsl. 12, 97-149: 127.


    heterosis Hybrid vigour: the selective superiority of heterozygotes; the increased vigour resulting from hybridization when measured against either parental stock; heterotic.

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