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cytoplasmic inheritancezytoplasmische Vererbung (ger.)

  • The non-Mendelian (often maternal) inheritance of particular traits resulting from the transmission of extranuclear genetic information, found on organelles such as mitochondria and chloroplasts, or on other sources of cytoplasmic DNA such as viruses. (OED 2012)

    The writer was inclined to believe that […] cytoplasmic inheritance might account for the matroclinic crosses.

    Bartlett, H.H. (1915). Mass mutation in Oenothera pratincola. Bot. Gaz. 60, 425-456: 455.

    except for the rare cases of plastid inheritance, the inheritance of all known characters can be sufficiently accounted for by the presence of genes in the chromosomes. In a word the cytoplasm may be ignored genetically
    Morgan, T.H. (1926). Genetics and the physiology of development. Amer. Nat. 60, 489-515: 491.

    Only when a certain character proves to be more or less constant in a series of backcrosses to the paternal strain, or when genic transmission is excluded by substitution of all chromosomes in a species, and dauermodifications are unlikely since no decrease in the action of the cytoplasm appears in successive generations, evidence for cytoplasmic inheritance seems to be good, unless another interpretation of the facts can be found.

    Caspari, E. (1948). Cytoplasmic inheritance. In: Demerec, M. (ed.) (1948). Advances in Genetics, vol. 2, 1-66: 7.


    Cytoplasmic inheritance among both plants and animals, and in multicellular as well as unicellular organisms, is […] not an hypothesis, but a fact—one of the capital facts of biology. Hypothesis and opinion enter only when this fact is interpreted, when the physical bases of cytoplasmic inheritance and the mechanisms by which they operate are discussed.

    Sonneborn, T.M. (1950). The cytoplasm in heredity. Heredity 4, 11-36: 11; cf. id. (1951). The role of the genes in cytoplasmic inheritance. In: Dunn, L.C. (ed.). Genetics in the 20th century, 291-314.


    [cytoplasmic heredity

    Ephrussi, B. (1951). Remarks on cell heredity. In: Dunn, L.C. (ed.). Genetics in the 20th Century, 241-262: 242.]


    cytoplasmic inheritance Inheritance of charactersthrough cytoplasmic factors rather than through the nuclear chromosomes; cf. chromosomal inheritance.    

    Lincoln, R.J., Boxshall, G.A. & Clark, P.F. (1982). A Dictionary of Ecology, Evolution and Systematics: 62.