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reflex arcReflexbogen (ger.)

  • The connected series of nerves concerned in the production of a reflex action. (OED 2012)
    reflex arc
    Hall, M. (1833). On the reflex function of the medulla oblongata and medulla spinalis. Philos. Trans. Roy Soc. Lond. 123, 635-665: 655.
    The trifacial nerve, the medulla oblongata, the orbicular branch of the facial nerve, are the different parts of the reflex arc: or it may be expressed thus, – the excitor and motor nerves are two arcs, united by the medulla oblongata as their key-stone
    Hall, M. (1838). Lectures on the theory and practice of medicine. The Lancet 1, 729-735: 730.