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space of reasons

  • The logical sphere of reasoning and justifying characteristic for rational human beings.

    in characterizing an episode or a state as that of knowing, we are not giving an empirical description of that episode or state; we are placing it in the logical space of reasons, of justifying and being able to justify what one says.

    Sellars, W. (1956). Empiricism and the Philosophy of Mind (Cambridge, Mass. 1997): 76.


    In being initiated into a language, a human being is introduced into something that already embodies putatively rational linkages between concepts, putatively constitutive of the layout of the space of reasons, before she comes on the scene. [...] Human beings mature into being home in the space of reasons or, what comes to the same thing, living their lives in the world; we can make sense of that by noting that the language into which a human being is first initiated stands over against her as a priori embodiment of mindedness, of the possibility of an orientation to the world

    McDowell, J. (1994). Mind and World: 125.