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developmental programEntwicklungsprogramm (ger.)

  • A series of instructions especially as coded in the sequence of the bases in the DNA which influence or determine the development of an organism.
    information genetic program
    new sets of conditions entering the developmental program and assuming the rôle of controlling factors
    van Cleave, H.J. (1932). Eutely or cell constancy in its relation to body size. Quart. Rev. Biol. 7, 59-67: 61.

    We may conclude that size differences in the tomato fruits here studied are determined from the very beginning of development. The effect of these genetic differences is apparently upon an entire developmental program rather than upon any of its constituent factors.

    Houghtaling, H.B. (1935). A developmental analysis of size and shape in tomato fruits. Bulletin of the Torrey Botanical Club 62, 243-252: 250.

    The genetic program refers to the totality of information provided by the genes, whereas a developmental program may refer only to that part of the genetic program that is controlling a particular group of cells
    Wolpert, L. (1996). Principles of Development: 21.