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interferenceInterferenz (ger.)

  • Direct contest between organisms. (HWB)
    interference [...] direct attacks, conditioning the medium, consuming food, etc.
    Crombie, A.C. (1947). Interspecific competition. J. Anim. Ecol. 16, 44-73: 49.

    populations compete for limited resources through partial realization of their capacity as species to multiply and survive and through mutual interference, which differentially affects multiplication and surival as a consequence of species coassociation

    Park, T. (1954). Experimental studies of interspecies competitions, II. Temperature, humidity and competition in two species of Tribolium. Physiol. Zool. 27, 177-238: 179.


    Bei der Interferenzkonkurrenz treten regelrechte Kämpfe um die Ressourcen auf, während bei der Ausbeutungskonkurrenz lediglich die gleichen Ressourcen konsumiert oder genutzt werden

    Campbell, N.A. (1997). Biologie (ed. by H. Markl): 1226.