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carbohydrateKohlenhydrate (ger.)

  • Any compound of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen in which the last two elements occur in the same proportion as in water (2:1); esp. any of a large group of such compounds which occur in foods and living tissues and typically can be broken down in the body to release energy. Also as a mass noun: (food consisting of) compounds of this kind. (OED 2012)
    man […] kann die Holzfaser für ein Kohlenhydrat ansehen, das aus Kohle und Wasser in dem Verhältnisse von 4 zu 3, oder vielleicht richtiger von 2 zu 1 besteht
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    Saccharine group […:] they are essentially composed of carbon and water, or in other words, […] they may be considered as hydrates of carbon
    Prout, W. (1831). Observations on the application of chemistry to physiology, pathology, and practice. Lond. Med. Gaz. 8, 321-327: 321; cf. id. (1827). On the ultimate composition of simple alimentary substances; with some preliminary remarks on the analysis of organized bodies in general. Philos. Trans. Roy. Soc. London 117: 357.
    Kohlenhydrate [...] Stoffe […], die Kohlenstoff plus Wasserstoff und Sauerstoff im Verhältniß wie im Wasser enthalten
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