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cyanobiontZyanobiont (ger.)

  • The cyanobacterial partner in lichens. (HWB 2011)

    The Nostoc cyanobiont of the lichen Peltigera canina when grown on N2 possesses, in the motile stage, discrete unbranched non-flagellar appendages (timbriae or pill).

    Dick, H. & Steward, W.D.P. (1980). The occurence of fimbriae on a N2-fixing cyanobacterium which occurs in lichen symbiosis. Arch. Microbiol. 124, 107-109: 107.


    Photosynthetic symbionts of lichens should together be referred to as photobionts (antonym is mycobionts); the blue-green symbionts should be renamed cyanobionts or bactobionts

    Ahmadjian, V. (1982). Holobionts have more parts. International Lichenological Newsletter 15(2), 19.