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hormoneHormon (ger.)

  • Any of numerous organic compounds that are secreted into the body fluids of an animal, particularly the bloodstream, by a specific group of cells and regulate some specific physiological activity of other cells; also, any synthetic compound having such an effect. (OED 2011)

    These chemical messengers, however, of ‘hormones’ […] as we might call them

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    The first products of digestion act on the pyloric mucous membrane, and produce in this membrane a substance which is absorbed into the blood stream, and carried to all the glands of the stomach, where it acts as a specific excitant of their secretory activity. This substance may be called the gastric secretin or gastric hormone.

    Starling, E.H. (1906). Mercers’ Company Lectures on Recent Advances in the Physiology of Digestion: 75.

    Hormone sind solche im Stoffwechsel eines Organismus gebildete Substanzen, welche für den Bestand des Individuums oder der Art wichtige Reizwirkungen im produzierenden Organismus selbst oder an anderen Lebewesen hervorzurufen imstande sind
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    hormone A chemical substance secreted by an endocrine gland that produces a specific physiological response on some remote target tissue or system.

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