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cytologycytologie (fr.); Zytologie (ger.)

  • The study of the structure and function of cells; the branch of biology dealing with this. (OED 2011)
    The description of the cells (and their development and function), from which the tissues are originally formed, constitutes the department of histology termed Cytology
    Peaslee, E.R. (1857). Human Histology in its Relation to Descriptive Anatomy, Physiologie, and Pathology: 114.

    Cytologie oder die Zellen

    Theile (1858). [Rev. Peaslee (1857)]. Schmidt’s Jahrbücher der in- und ausländischen gesammten Medicin 99, 106-107: 107.


    la cytologie proprement dite: la morphologie, l’anatomie, la physiologie et la biochimie de la cellule, soit animale, soit végétale

    Carnoy, J.B. (1884). Au lecteur. La cellule. Recueil de cytologie et d’histologie générale 1, 5-6; cf. id. (1884). La biologie cellulaire: 8; 9.


    cytology The study of the structure and function of living cells. 

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