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cytochromeCytochrom (ger.)

  • Any of several closely related compounds, present in the cells of most aerobic organisms, which play an important part in cell respiration and consist of an iron-containing porphyrin attached to a protein; together they constitute the cytochrome system. (OED)

    In fact, as we shall see later, there is ample evidence that this pigment [myo- or histohaematin] is not a single compound, but a complex formed of three distinct haemochromogen compounds, the nature of which is not yet completely elucidated. I propose therefore to describe it under the name of Cytocrhome, signifying merely "cellular pigment," pending the time when its composition shall have been properly determined.

    Keilin, D. (1925). On cytochrome, a respiratory pigment, common to animals, yeast, and higher plants. Proc. Roy. Soc. B 58, 312-339: 314; cf. id. (1966). The History of Cell Respiration and Cytochrome.