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holecologyHolökologie (ger.)

  • Ecology of the biosphere, taking into account ecological interactions on all levels of organization.  

    Die Entwicklungstendenz zur umfassenden allgemeinen Ökologie, Holographie oder Hol-Ökologie war bereits in der Begriffsbildung Haeckels enthalten, als er die Ökologie die Lehre von der „Oeconomie der Natur“ nannte.

    Schwerdtfeger, F. (1963). Ökologie der Tiere, vol. 1. Autökologie: 29.

    By increasing the interactions between habitats which were formerly separated (either geographically or ecologically) man is unifiying the various households on earth. It will then make increasing sense to develop ›holecology‹ – the consideration of the entire biosphere as a single habitat and all life on this planet as a biocenosis, with man as the dominant and to some extent unifying species.
    Kalmus, H. (1970). Living together without man. In: Benthall, J. (ed.). Ecology in Theory and Practice, 23-35: 24.