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phagocytePhagozyt (ger.)

  • A cell that can incorporate and store or break down solid particles (bacteria, other cells, foreign material, etc.); esp. a neutrophil or macrophage. (OED 2011)

    Fresszellen (Phagocyten)

    Metschnikoff, E. (1883). Untersuchungen über die intrazelluläre Verdauung bei wirbellosen Tieren. Arb. zool. Inst. Univ. Wien 5 (2), 1-28: 24; cf. id. (1883-84). Untersuchungen über die mesodermalen Phagocyten einiger Wirbelloser. Biol. Centralbl. 3, 560-565.


    Amœboid cells were frequently budded off from the ectoderm to join the other devouring cells (phagocytes) in the body.

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