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uninomial nomenclaturenomenclature uninomiale (fr.); uninonomiale Nomenklatur (ger.)

  • A system for naming entities in which the name for each entity consists of only one word.

    In the Code (Article 2) it states that ‘the scientific designation of animals is uninomial for subgenera and all higher groups.’

    Jordan, D.S. (1905). [Rev. The International Code of Zoological Nomenclature as Applied to Medicine]. Science 22, 490-494: 491.


    Druce’s aim was to bring his work into harmony with the Vienna rules, but these deny valid ty to uninomial nomenclature, a principle reasserted by the Brussels Congress.

    Nelson, A. & Macbride, J.F. (1913). Western plant studies II. Bot. Gaz. 56, 469-479: 471.