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gene activityGenaktivität (ger.)

  • The causal influence of a gene.
    Even the higher plants present ample evidence of gene activity and “gamete” selection in the megaspore stage
    Muller, H.J. & Settles, F. (1927). The non-functioning of the genes in spermatozoa. Zeitschrift für Induktive Abstammungs- und Vererbungslehre 43, 285-312: 302.
    The principle of the quantitative limits of gene activity will, if established, be an interesting line of research to follow in size inheritance and in many other genetic problems of birds and mammals.
    Little, C.C. (1927). Notes on a species cross in mice and on an hypothesis concerning the quantitative potentiality of genes. Science 66, 542-543: 543.
    Lethal genes are interesting not merely because they may account for considerable lowered fecundity through early mortality but also because in studying the process of disintegration of the embryos killed by lethals we may be able to get a better idea of the nature of growth, morphogenesis and of the development of the gene’s activity at different stages in ontogeny.
    Little, C.C. (1928). Opportunities for research in mammalian genetics. Sigma Xi Quarterly 16, 16-35: 30.