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gene frequencyGenfrequenz (ger.)

  • The frequency of a given allele of a gene in a population (expressed as a proportion of the total number of alleles of the gene). (OED 2012)

    the rate of change of gene frequency is not a direct measure of the selective intensity

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    factors which are almost neutral to all other evolutionary forces should be highly unstable with respect to gene frequency

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    The central problem in the analysis of the statistical consequences of Mendelian heredity is that of determining the distribution of gene frequencies under the pressure of mutation, selection, migration, etc., and not least important, as affected by size of population.

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    The frequency of a gene in a given population may be modified by migration as well as by mutation.
    Wright, S. (1931). Evolution in Mendelian populations. Genetics 16, 97-159: 100.

    The elementary evolutionary process is, of course, change of gene frequency, a practically continuous process.

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    frequency of the genes
    Dobzhansky, T. (1937). Genetics and the Origin of Species: 52.

    Using the distribution of genotypes […] it is then possible to calculate W [the mean adaptive value, i.e. mean fitness] for any combination of gene frequencies q1 and q2 and this may be put in the form of a surface or topography

    Lewontin, R.C. & White, M.J.D. (1960). Interaction between inversion polymorphisms of two chromosome pairs in the grasshopper, Moraba scurra. Evolution 14, 116-129: 120.


    gene frequency The proportion of one allele to the total of all alleles at the same locus in the gene pool.

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